Do you need a root canal? Are you concerned about the effect it will have on your health? While the FDA has declared root canals and the materials used in them to be safe for use in humans, a growing number of people prefer a holistic approach to medicine. This preference includes dentistry. The good news is that there are holistic dentists in nearly every state. These dentists practice their craft with an eye toward natural treatments, and pay attention to the effect a dental procedure may have on the rest of the body. There are even holistic root canals. Here's what you can expect if you decide to get one.

1. Different, More Natural Chemicals Are Used

Traditional root canals use some chemicals that holistically-minded people may not want in their mouths, such as chlorine and formaldehyde. A holistic root canal replaces these harsh chemicals with more natural ones.

Calcium oxide and mineral trioxide aggregate are the most commonly used chemical alternatives. They are used to fill the root and prime the treated tooth to keep the new filling in the root. These are substances that have been proven to be friendly to the human body time and time again.

2. Lasers Are Used to Clean the Tooth

In a traditional root canal, chemical disinfectants are used to clean the tooth and keep it sterile after filling the root. Holistic root canals use special lasers to do this work, This way, no extra chemicals need touch your tooth (and possibly get into your body if you swallow any of them). The lasers work just as well as the chemicals, and have the added benefit of having no unpleasant taste when they are applied.

3. Only Porcelain Crowns Are Used

A tooth that has had a root canal usually needs to be capped off to keep it safe. This is done with a crown. Many people opt for cheap crowns that are made of metals or metal alloys. Sometimes, they are just given the metal crowns as a matter of course.

Metal is not the right choice for everyone. Some people are sensitive to certain metals, and they can cause health problems when the person is constantly exposed to them through a crown. Holistic root canals use porcelain crowns when they are necessary. Porcelain is much more biologically friendly, and looks exactly like a natural tooth.


It's good to know you have a choice when it comes to root canals. While you may be perfectly comfortable getting a traditional one, learning about alternatives helps you make the decision that's best for you. Ask your dentist or places like The Accent On Dentistry about a holistic root canal today, or go see your nearest holistic dentist.