If you have ever gotten up in the middle of the night with a pounding toothache, you know how intense and excruciating the pain can be. However, toothache pain comes to only to people with teeth, right? If you wear dentures and have no natural teeth in your mouth, waking up to severe mouth pain may not only hurt a lot, but may also be surprising.

Slivers Of Bone

When teeth are pulled out, small pieces of bone may chip off and remain behind in the gum tissue. You may experience small, slivers of bone working their way out of your gums for many months after your teeth were extracted, a natural process the body does to rid itself of dead bone tissue.

Sometimes, bone fragments can be sharp and cause pain when working their way out. If you wear dentures, the pressure they put on your gums can increase the pain of a bone fragment trying to make its way to the surface. Sleeping without your dentures can help.

If you are experiencing persistent gum pain, seeking the advice of a dental professional is best for learning why.

The Remnants Of Dry Sockets

After your teeth are pulled out, the bone that supported them begins to reabsorb or, in laymen's terms, shrinks. Reabsorption can be hard on people that also suffered a dry socket in one of the extraction sites. A dry socket can be caused by trauma during an extraction. In patients suffering with poor bone density, a dry socket can be the area on their gums that shrinks the fastest and can also be the cause of great pain after the gums have healed.

You may have a deep dipping, sensitive area in the place of a dry socket after your gums have healed. Your dentist can help you learn more about bone grafting in areas of your jaw that have suffered tremendous reabsorption due to issues related to dry sockets.

Gum Irritation And Bacterial Infection

If your gums have become irritated from poor-fitting dentures, you most likely feel serious pain every time you bite down. Taking your dentures out to let your gums breathe is best in this scenario. However, if you practice poor dental hygiene, you could end up with abscessed gums due to bacteria infecting the areas of irritation. Always remember that just because you have dentures does not mean you do not need to brush and clean your mouth twice a day. If you do not, you could find yourself suffering with extreme pain due to an abscess in your gums.

Getting used to wearing dentures can be aggravating and painful. If you worry you have an issue greater than simple gum irritation from your dentures, contacting a dentist is important. Also, post the contact number of a 24 hour emergency dentist on your refrigerator in case you ever wake up in the night with severe gum pain that will not go away.

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