If you have thin enamel on your teeth then they are more susceptible to damage and cavities. This is due to the fact that enamel is the protective outer covering of your teeth and not having enough of it makes your teeth more fragile. Also, the enamel is what helps give the appearance of white teeth. People with too little enamel will have discolored teeth with the darker inner color of their teeth showing throw the enamel. If you have thin enamel, you want to follow the tips below to care for your teeth.

Brushing your teeth

When you have thin enamel, you want to make sure you don't skip brushing since it's easier for you to get cavities. However, you should use a soft to medium bristle toothbrush. A toothbrush with hard bristles will eventually wear down even more of your enamel.

Be extremely careful with your teeth

While everyone should be careful with their teeth, it's more important for you to do so. Don't do anything that puts more stress on them or they may chip, fracture, or break. Don't chew on ice cubes, use your teeth to open packages, chew on pen caps or eat hard foods. Also, if you suspect at any time that you may be grinding your teeth in your sleep, get in to your dentist immediately so you can be fitted for a night guard so you can stop.

Don't use store bought teeth whitening products

When you have thin enamel your teeth will naturally be darker and possibly a yellow or orange color. It can be tempting to use store bought whitening products to try to get your teeth white. However, since the color of your teeth is from the natural color underneath coming through, the products won't work. Also, they can cause more damage to your teeth. If you want your teeth whitened, there are some options your dentist can offer you such as bonding or veneers.

Use restoring toothpaste and mouthwash

You should use restoring toothpaste and mouthwash. They contain a higher level of calcium phosphate and fluoride which will help to make your teeth stronger. For severe cases, your dentist may be able to prescribe you products that are stronger than the store bought brands.

The advice detailed above will help you to keep your teeth healthier if you are lacking enamel on the surfaces of your teeth. For more information, talk to a professional like Flemington Family & Cosmetic Dental Group.