If you have a child with a zest for life that never stops running, getting them to slow down enough for a dental appointment might feel like a challenge. If your kid just has more energy than others, or is diagnosed with some form of hyperactivity, you might need to put a little strategic thinking into your child's dental visit. Here are four things that you can do to prepare your hyper child for the dentist.

1. Keeping Routine

Going to the dentist can be overly exciting because it shakes up the routine. Rather than taking your child out of school or daycare for the dentist, schedule this right after school so this fits in with other errands. This way your child's day won't be disrupted and they won't have a chance to get overly anxious or excited about an upcoming dental appointment.

2. Source a Good Pediatric Dentist

If your child takes a little more effort when it comes to focusing or sitting still, having them see a pediatric dentist is a good plan. Do an initial call or interview to see how an office operates and if they have additional care for anxious, hyper, or special needs children. If your family dentist is great with kids, your hyper child will be more apt to be taken seriously and given extra care by the dentist.

3. Less Time in the Waiting Room

Hyper children can get worked up easily and might fall apart if they have to sit too long in a waiting room. If you can call ahead and make sure the dentist is on time, this can help with showing up just to wait. If your child might do better waiting in the car listening to music or waiting outside, have the receptionist give you a call when the dentist is ready.

4. Channel Their Energy

Talk up the dentist before your child's appointment so that they can move any nerves they have into excitement. Make sure they don't have any anxious hang ups that you can easily talk through with them before their appointment. If your child might stay more focused knowing what they are getting into, run through what the appointment will be like beforehand. They will feel prepared and won't be distracted the day of their appointment.

Having a child that is a little more energetic than most can be entertaining but also might involve some extra care from parents. Make sure to really think through your child's dental visit and what will help them stay calm and focused. You know your child best, so be sure to equip them with a plan that will help them get through dental appointments without a hitch.