Thinking of conversation starters in a setting of complete strangers can be very daunting. Why not start talking about teeth? When you think about teeth, you are probably like a greater majority of the world and think that the topic is quite boring. It is a common misconception that teeth are a dead bore, however, you can actually start a very lively conversation on the topic. If you are at a loss for a great way to break the ice to start a conversation with a stranger, use one of these crazy teeth facts and you will be on your way to an amazing conversation in no time.

Local Blacksmith/Dentist

Dental problems have been around since the beginning of time; dentists, however, have not. There was a time when you didn't need a license to pull teeth, all you needed were the right tools. So back in the early 1800s, if you had a toothache or a cavity, you would simply go to your local blacksmith. The local blacksmiths already had experience using molten metal when making horseshoes, so it was perfect when you had a cavity that needed filling.

Oh, the local blacksmith can't see you today? You can always go to the local barber. Because the barber had experience working with people's head, they were thought to have a vast knowledge of the mouth too. Over time, people realized how flawed that logic really was and began to form actual dentist offices and mandated licensing for the profession.

The $30,000 Tooth

Back in the early 1960s, John Lennon had a rotten tooth removed. Instead of giving it over to the Tooth Fairy, he actually gave it to his housekeeper whose daughter was obsessed with the band as a gift. This tooth was treasured by the family for several years until it was sold to Dr. Michael Zuk in 2011, a professional in cosmetic dentistry from Canada, for $30,000.

There were multiple reasons why he would spend so much money on a simple tooth. He wanted to raise awareness to mouth cancer and he also gave a piece of it to his sister who made a sculpture of Lennon's head. The most bizarre reason why he spent so much money, however, was so that he could fulfill his plans of cloning the musician. Dr. Zuk is currently working on trying to duplicate his DNA sequence. 

There Is No Tooth Fairy

Chances are, whoever you talk to has already heard of the Tooth Fairy. However, have you heard of Perez The Mouse? Many Hispanic cultures don't recognize the Tooth Fairy because they have Ratoncito Perez, or Perez The Mouse. This story came about in the late 1800s when the king of Spain's son lost a tooth. The king wanted to make a celebration out of the occasion, so he paid a priest to write a special story for his son about a boy who lost his first tooth. Perez The Mouse was written and instantly became a well known tradition in Hispanic cultures. One of the most interesting things about Perez The Mouse is that the children don't put their teeth under a pillow. They place their teeth in a glass of water to give Perez something to drink when he is weary from his travels.

Breaking the ice with new people can be overwhelming, especially if you don't have the faintest idea of what to talk about. Use one of the interesting and crazy facts about teeth listed above and you are sure to start a conversation that can last hours.