It takes creativity and ingenuity to get young children interested in dental hygiene. This is especially true for children who are elementary-school age. Teach them early how important it is to protect their teeth. Getting kids to practice good dental hygiene can be hard when they start school because you won't be around to encourage healthy eating choices or brushing after snacks and meals. These tips will help you encourage healthy dental habits that will stick with your children throughout school.

#1: Make Brushing Teeth Fun

With young children, it's important to make mundane activities, like teeth brushing and flossing, fun. Do things that will get them interested and engaged.

One idea is to create an activity that is only done when it's time to brush teeth. Have a dance party as they brush or find a fun video that runs for as long as you want them to stick with it, say two minutes. Turn it into a friendly competition if they have siblings. Engage them in a fun way, all the while ensuring their teeth are getting clean.

#2: Pack Healthy Lunches

If you want to make sure your elementary school student is taking care of his or her teeth, make sure you know what they are eating during the school day. School lunches are not always the most nutritious and can be filled with cavity-causing sugars.

In order to protect your child's dental health, pack a lunch with nutritious foods that create a balanced diet. Pack fruits for desserts instead of sugary treats and candies.

#3: Set an Example

Kids are impressionable, in particular young ones. They'll copy their parents, especially when it looks like what they're doing is fun. Set a good example for them.

Surround them with good influences that will encourage healthy habits like brushing their teeth and flossing regularly. Make it a family affair; brush and floss your teeth with them. It will become a special activity that you do together. Don't be shy about being silly and having fun.

Instilling Good Dental Habits

Children should be introduced to a healthy lifestyle at an early age. It builds good habits for their later years. Not only will everyone have a beautiful smile, but it will also promote and safeguard good health. If you ever need further assistance or have questions, you can always contact local dental clinics such as Sun Dental & Orthodontics.