How do you feel when you smile? The answer should be "happy." However, even if you have healthy teeth, they may not have the most symmetrical of appearances. Life happens, and perhaps that's showing up in your teeth. Porcelain veneers could vastly improve the look of your smile. Cosmetic dentists remove a minute amount of the tooth's surface then affix a thin layer of dental ceramic to your teeth. If you have cosmetic worries about your smile, consider having porcelain veneers applied.


One of the most common uses for porcelain veneers is to mask discolored teeth. Discoloration occurs in teeth for a variety of reasons. Drinking beverages such as coffee or wine are a prime culprit, as is smoking. If you ever took tetracycline, your teeth may have a grayish undercast. Sometimes teeth just become yellow with age. Cosmetic dentists can the porcelain veneer to replace the outer surface of your teeth, transforming discoloration to an attractive, lifelike white.

Shape Problems

Porcelain veneers enhance your smile cosmetically by masking minor to moderate dental imperfections. According to Web MD, cosmetic dentists regularly use porcelain veneers to improve the shape of teeth.  For example, some teeth naturally have bulges in them. Veneers can cover the bulges, resulting in a smooth surface. Veneers can also be used if teeth have been chipped or slightly cracked. They won't fix teeth that are broken, though – a full crown is needed for that. However, the two processes can be combined.

Mis-Sized Teeth

Another version of the shape problem is teeth that are the wrong size. It's all about proportion – the teeth should be proportional to your lips and the amount of gum showing in your smile. However, sometimes teeth don't grown in proportionally, or they can become worn down, especially if you grind your teeth in sleep. Cosmetic dentists can apply veneers that slightly lengthen the teeth. As with chipped or cracked teeth, though, the veneers can only correct minor issues. If there's too much of a disparity in size, a crown is more advisable.

Alignment or Spacing Problems

Just as veneers can slightly lengthen teeth, they can also widen teeth to get rid of gaps. If there are big gaps, though, braces are probably necessary. Likewise, porcelain veneers can mask slightly crooked teeth in the same way they solve bulges or craters. The cosmetic dentist can reduce the part of the tooth that is sticking out before applying the veneer. Again, this is only possible if the crookedness is slight.

Be happy about your smile by improving its appearance with porcelain veneers. Talk to a dentist, like Ginger Scoggins DDS, for help.