If you have extreme gum disease, then a regular dentist cleaning will not get rid of the bacteria and plaque buildup around your gums. Your dentist will often refer you to a periodontist. The periodontist has a number of methods that they regularly use to treat severe gum disease, and a root scaling is one of them. During a root scaling, your teeth will be scrubbed and scraped in order to completely clean around your gum line. Since this procedure is more specialized, it often costs more than a standard cleaning. This can be a bit difficult to pay for all at once if you do not have dental insurance. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to help pay for a root scaling without dental insurance.

Talk to Your Periodontist about a Payment Plan Before the Procedure Begins

Since your root scaling is not done by your dentist, your periodontist may end up billing you for this procedure. Therefore, it is important to speak to your periodontist beforehand about a payment plan. A payment plan will allow you to pay back the total payment in smaller installments. This is extremely helpful if you do not have all of the money saved up for the procedure.

Consider Applying for Medicaid

Medicaid is designed to provide health services to individuals and families that are currently low-income. Therefore, the Medicaid program often covers specialized dental treatments like a root scaling. If you have trouble affording dental insurance on your own, then you may be able to qualify for Medicaid. The requirements from each state vary; however, each state does require that your income falls below a certain threshold. It is important that you apply for Medicaid before receiving your root scaling. It is difficult to get past treatments covered, even if you did not have any coverage when the treatments were performed. Therefore, you will end up paying for this out of your own pocket. You can find out more information about the Medicaid program by visiting a local Medicaid office in your county.

A root scaling is often a necessity if you are looking start off fresh with healthy teeth and gums. Do not allow financial setbacks get in the way of achieving a healthy mouth. Use these tips and talk to a periodontist office like Cumberland Periodontal Associate about any payment options they may have available to you.