Dental implants are a great option if you have lost a tooth or have several missing teeth. Sure, you could go with dentures or even a bridge, but these aren't always comfortable. A dental implant is the closest thing to your natural teeth, and you can't even tell that you have them. If you have healthy gums and a healthy jaw/bone structure, you may be eligible for dental implants. See below for some of the main benefits of dental implants.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are made from a tiny piece of metal, similar to a screw. It's set directly in the jaw bone, then a replacement tooth is set atop the post left out at the gum line. The implant is long-lasting and can be used to replace just one tooth, or several teeth, depending on your needs.

Mimics Your Natural Teeth

Dental implants mimic your natural teeth. They are made to look just like your natural teeth, so there's no change in your facial structure or your smile. 

No Hassle

There's no maintenance hassle as with dentures or bridges. There is no need to take out the implant to clean it, you simply brush as you would your natural teeth. No dealing with denture cups, or taking out the small bridge and accidentally losing or misplacing it.

Prevent Bone Loss

Dental implants are set into your jaw, which prevents the bone from deteriorating. The implant actually protects your bone. Leaving the missing tooth space can cause not just bone deterioration, it can cause the other teeth to shift, or cause infection to the exposed gum, or food to get lodged in the missing space. 

No Slippage

There isn't any slippage as there is with dentures or bridges. Slippage can happen while eating, drinking or even laughing, which can be embarrassing. Dental implants don't have this issue. 

No Dietary Restrictions

Again, dental implants mimic your natural teeth, so there is no dietary restrictions as there is with bridges or dentures. You can eat, drink or chew whatever you want without worrying about the tooth breaking, food getting stuck beneath the tooth, or other issues.

Dental implants are a great option if you have a missing tooth, or even if you have several missing teeth. Talk to your dentist to see if dental implants are right for you and about the other benefits of this type of tooth replacement procedure.To learn more, contact a company like Smile City