One of the newest trends in the orthodontic industry is orthodontic implants. If you are looking to have your teeth straightened and do not want to wear braces for a long period of time, this may be a trend that you are considering. However, since it is fairly new, you may not know a lot about it. Here are a few of the questions you may have, as well as the answers. 

What Are Orthodontic Implants? 

An orthodontic implant involves inserting an implant screw into the jaw directly behind a couple of your teeth. These screws act as an anchors that help to anchor the braces in place. This helps to create a tighter fit against your teeth, which in turn, helps them to shift and move. Orthodontic implants are used only on patients that have teeth that are severely crooked or have large gaps. 

How Does An Orthodontic Implant Differ From a Regular Dental Implant? 

There are two main differences between an orthodontic implant and a regular dental implant. First, an orthodontic implant is a temporary implant. It is not implanted as deeply into the jaw line, as it is not designed to stay in place for longer than a year. Second, an orthodontic implant is meant to hold and anchor braces. A regular dental implant is meant to anchor what looks like a tooth on it. As such, the design of the anchor varies a bit between orthodontic and dental implants. 

Who Can Benefit From Orthodontic Implants?

Orthodontic implants are not designed to be used by everyone. They are currently only being used by those who have severely crooked teeth or those who have major gaps in their teeth. In these cases, these individuals would have to wear braces for a prolonged period of time to get the teeth to shift into place. Orthodontic implants can help speed the process up for these individuals and help to ensure that the braces work. Due to the invasive nature of inserting the anchors, this technique should only be used in the most severe cases. 

If your teeth are severely crooked, you may have to wear braces for a long period of time or wear head gear once the braces come off. Orthodontic implants are an alternative to these options, allowing your teeth to be straightened in shorter periods of time and more effectively. Consult with an orthodontist to find out if this may be an option for you. Visit a site like for more help.