Having new veneers is something that is fun and exciting. Your teeth are now the shape and color that you'd like them to be, and you are likely more confident with your smile than ever before. Caring for your veneers is a bit different than caring for regular teeth though, so it is important that you are ready for these changes. Here are three tips for caring for your veneers. 

Floss With Caution

Flossing is something that is just as important with veneers as it is with your real teeth. However, you need to use a bit more caution when flossing your veneers. They are more prone to chipping, cracking, and breaking than your regular teeth and this can happen if you aren't flossing carefully. You need to make sure that you are moving slowly with your floss around your veneers and carefully work the floss up and between each of your veneers. Your dentist can show you exactly how to floss your veneers and can even give you some floss that may be helpful for getting the job done. However, if you do happen to have an accident and damage one or more of your veneers, just remember that fixing it is possible. 

Avoid Things That Discolor Them 

Veneers are a bit more sensitive to staining than regular teeth, making it extra important for you to avoid foods and other things that may discolor your teeth. Some of the drinks that are notorious for discoloring your teeth are coffee, tea, dark-colored sodas, and juices and sugary drinks with red dyes in them. Some foods, such as berries and jellos, can also dye your teeth. If you do feel the need to drink these drinks or eat these foods, be sure to use straws or place the food right to the back of your mouth to be chewed up. A non-food item that can also stain your teeth is tobacco, so be sure avoid smoking and chewing tobacco.

Don't Grind Your Teeth

If you have a habit of grinding your teeth, this habit must stop. This can grind down your veneers at a rapid rate, leaving a jagged, chipped line across the bottom of it. If you grind during the day, then you are likely aware of when you are doing it. However, if you grind your teeth during the night, then you may need to talk with your dentist about getting a mouth guard to protect your veneers. 

In order to properly care for your veneers or dental crowns, be sure to floss carefully, avoid foods and other items that may discolor your teeth, and don't grind your teeth during the day or night.