Even if you have no problems with anxiety when you go in to see your dentist, if you are going to have a big procedure done, you may still want to get some kind of sedation done. There are various levels of sedation that you and your dentist may decide would be right for you, as well as a lot of reasons to go with some kind of sedation. So, what are some of the good reasons to go with sedation?

Pain Control

Any time that you have some kind of procedure being done, there is always going to be the risk of pain. There's an even higher risk if you are having something like a root canal or extraction done. That's because your dentist is going to be working right around those nerves, which may already be irritated because of whatever is going on. It may be hard for them to be able to control your pain as much as possible with just shots, and the deeper levels of sedation will allow your dentist to help manage your pain better. 

Length of Procedure

If your dental procedure is going to be a long and involved one, you might want to consider some kind of sedation. That's because it can get really difficult for you to hold your mouth open for a long time, even if there is some kind of help from a dental device. It can be hard on the muscles on your jaw. Your dentist may also discover that there is more going on with the problem when they get in there, which can make the procedure longer or more involved.

For example, if you are having extractions done, the dentist may find out that the roots of your teeth need to be chipped free of the bone, which means that the process is going to take longer. If you have been sedated, even lightly, the muscles in your jaw are going to be more relaxed, and holding your jaw open for that length of time is going to be easier, and you won't accidentally fight to close your mouth, no matter what's going on. 

It's important that you visit your dentist regularly. If you are going to have to have some kind of procedure done, like a root canal, extraction, or some other kind of invasive procedure, you might want to speak to your dentist about getting some kind of sedation done. Contact a dental clinic like Summit Oral Surgery to learn more.