If you're like most parents of small children, you only want the best for your child—and sometimes, this means relocating to an unfamiliar city to get better employment prospects, to have a lower cost of living, to be closer to family, or simply to get a better environment for raising children. Whatever your reasons, moving to a new city is exciting for everyone involved, but moving also comes with challenges, such as that of introducing your preschool-aged child to a new dentist. 

Many people automatically assume that visiting the dentist is simply one of those life experiences that come with a significant amount of anxiety and trepidation for children, but that's not necessarily the case. Fortunately, advances in dental technology have eliminated many of the uncomfortable and sometimes even painful procedures of the past, but it's only normal for small children to experience anxiety in new situations. Here's what you can do to ensure that the transition to a new dentist goes as smoothly as possible for your preschool-aged child:

Make the Appointment for the Morning

Small children are usually at their best during the morning hours. They're rested, fed, and aren't yet near enough to the normal afternoon nap time to be cranky. If your schedule simply makes it impossible to keep a morning appointment, make it for the late afternoon after your child's nap.

Fill Out Paperwork in Advance

Modern dental practices offer new patients the opportunity to fill out necessary paperwork online. Taking advantage of this feature means that you'll be able to give your child your full attention once you're in the dentist's waiting room instead of wrangling with a clipboard, a pen, and various forms while trying to provide your child with a reassuring presence.

Plan a Fun Activity for After the Appointment

Your child will be far less nervous about the visit if he or she knows there's going to be a fun activity or treat after the appointment. If your appointment is in the morning, consider going to lunch at your child's favorite restaurant, and if you'll be seeing the dentist in the afternoon, you could plan on going to a matinee movie or out to ice cream. Look for a pediatric dentist like Northshore Pediatric Dentistry near you today. The best way to find a dentist in your new town is to ask the dentist in the town you're moving from for a recommendation.