If you brush and floss as your dentist recommends, and you keep your dental cleaning appointments, you may not develop problems with your teeth and gums. However, a lot of things influence your dental health, such as your diet and medical conditions like diabetes. You should always be on guard for problems with your teeth so you can get treatment early. Here are a few signs you should call your dental office for advice or a dental checkup.

You Have Bad Breath All The Time

Chronic bad breath could be a sign of an infection in your mouth. It might also be a side effect of poor dental hygiene or a dry mouth. It's a good idea to let your dentist know if you develop bad breath that you can't control with brushing and flossing. They may want to check your teeth and gums for cavities and infections.

You See Blood When You Brush

Blood when brushing is a classic sign of early gum disease. If you let your dentist know when you first start seeing blood, your dentist can help you reverse the condition more easily than if you wait.

You might need a deep cleaning of your teeth, and you may need to use special toothpaste and mouthwash to heal the infection in your mouth. Your dentist can also advise you on other lifestyle changes you might need to make to improve your oral health.

You Feel A Bump On Your Gum

A bump on your gum might be a sign of a tooth abscess, but that might be accompanied by a toothache. You might also have a bump that doesn't have any pain. Your dentist screens you for mouth cancer when you get a checkup, so if you have a growth or bump in your mouth, you should let your dentist know so the cause of the growth can be identified.

You Have Tooth Sensitivity

If you suddenly have tooth sensitivity in a certain area when you eat something cold or hot, you might have the beginnings of a cavity. The best time to have a cavity filled is when it's tiny. The procedure is less painful to endure and the filling needed will be smaller compared to what you could need after the cavity eats through a large part of your tooth. Plus, it might be possible to remineralize a tiny cavity and heal it naturally.

Even if you have some sort of dental phobia, it's not a good idea to get lax and put off seeing your dentist for routine care. Your teeth could last a lifetime if you take good care of them, and that will save a lot of money on dental work and possibly save you a lot of pain from cavities and infections. 

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