You can get dentures for cosmetic dentistry after tooth loss. Dentures help radiate your smile and restore tooth functionality. However, since they aren't a natural set of teeth, it might take a while to get used to them. 

At first, you may find the dentures irritating and uncomfortable as they rub against the gums. Nonetheless, you need to continue wearing them to learn how to continue with regular teeth functions. Often, the discomfort can be frustrating, but here are three tips to make the transition easy.

Expect Some Discomfort After Installation

A professional dentist will likely let you know about some discomfort to prepare you psychologically before offering denture services. You might experience some discomfort during the early stages of the dentures for a few weeks. Knowing what to expect makes the adjusting process easier.

The discomfort happens because your gums are yet to adjust from natural teeth to an artificial base. Although the dentist will use a denture fixative to hold your dentures securely and provide cushion, the gums will need some time to adapt. As it adapts, you might need to return to your dentist for some adjustments. The adjustments are important once the jaw bone begins settling without natural teeth support.

Eat Soft Foods as Your Mouth Adjusts 

After getting dentures, your mouth will need some time to adjust. Aggressive chewing and hard foods intensify pressure. Therefore, it could cause more pain and irritation. Until you get fully comfortable with your dentures, eat soft foods. Work on learning how to chew with dentures without hurting your gums or damaging the dentures. Some soft foods you can try include some fruits and mashed potatoes. Soft foods help you practice chewing and limit discomfort

Get Them Off Daily

After the procedure, your dentist will also recommend removing the dentures for some hours daily. They will also give you guidelines on how and where to keep the dentures after removing them. Removing your dentures allows your gums to heal from all the pain, irritation, and other symptoms you may have experienced during the day.

It is best to remove them before getting into bed. You will get quality sleep, and your mouth will rest. After removing, store them in warm water. The warm water prevents drying up and losing its shape.

As you work towards achieving better oral health, you might need dentures to replace missing teeth and keep your jaw bone in shape. While dentures may not be comfortable at first, they promote your oral health. The tips above ensure you don't sacrifice your comfort after getting denture services. 

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