Dental laboratories are a valuable resource for both dentists and patients. They can provide customized, high-quality restorations for many dental treatments, from repairing existing teeth to creating new smiles.

Most laboratories are staffed with highly experienced professionals with expertise in various dental procedures. While most laboratories are used to complete special projects for dentists, there are certain cases where it may be beneficial for a patient to visit the laboratory directly. Here are four of them:

When You Need a Highly Customized Prosthetic Device or Implant  

Most people need prosthetic devices customized to their unique needs. For instance, if you have lost a natural tooth due to an accident or illness, you may require a custom-made implant that fits perfectly in the jawbone and blends with the other teeth.

If you have a lot of wear and tear on your existing teeth or need to replace a few missing ones, this situation requires laboratory expertise. A dental laboratory technician can help create a prosthetic device that matches the natural look of your existing teeth.

If You Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction or Smile Makeover

Full mouth reconstructions and smile makeovers are complex processes that require expertise beyond the scope of most dentists. A dental technician can work with you to create an individualized plan for your unique needs.

They will use their knowledge of dental materials, techniques, and tools to ensure your restoration looks natural and functions appropriately. With a full mouth reconstruction or smile makeover, the technician will create custom crowns, veneers, bridges, and implants that blend perfectly with your teeth.

When You Need Specialty Dental Materials

Dental laboratories often have access to specialty dental materials not commonly available in a dental office. These materials can include rare and exotic metals, ceramic or tungsten composites, and other specialized materials for custom-made dental work.

These specialty materials provide higher durability, strength, and longevity, making them ideal for long-term dental restorations. A technician can create unique devices that fit your mouth while providing the highest quality and craftsmanship.

When You Need a Second Opinion

Sometimes, it is beneficial to have a second opinion when it comes to dental treatments. A laboratory technician can help you make an informed decision by providing additional insight into your specific condition and treatment options. They can review your case and conduct additional tests or evaluations as necessary.

By doing so, they will help you understand your dental condition and the potential treatments available to you. The technician can provide valuable input that may influence your decision-making process and ultimately lead to a better outcome.

Whether you need a prosthetic device, full mouth reconstruction, specialty materials, or a second opinion, visiting a dental laboratory is often the best choice for oral health. Before deciding about dental care, consult your dentist and consider visiting a dental laboratory for further advice. Contact a dental laboratory technician today to learn more about how they can help.