While watching your favorite television shows or browsing the internet, do you often wish you had the same smile as some of your favorite celebrities? It is not impossible to have beautiful teeth. Even if you have a missing tooth and are dealing with discoloration, there are some ways to enhance your smile so that it looks flawless.

Whiten Your Teeth at Home or in the Dental Office

If you have noticed some discoloration and are unhappy about it, whitening options are available. There are natural ways to whiten your teeth using products you may already have at home. In fact, these are a few of the natural remedies worth trying:

  • Brush with a blend of crushed organic strawberries and baking soda
  • Brush with a turmeric powder and coconut oil paste
  • Rinse your mouth with pure organic coconut oil for 10 minutes daily

While home remedies are often effective, you may not want to wait several weeks to see the results. In that case, going to the dental office for a whitening session is best. The dentist may use a hydrogen peroxide gel combined with the LED whitening light on your teeth to remove several stains within minutes.

Replace Extremely Damaged or Missing Teeth

You should meet with a dentist to take care of a damaged or missing tooth. If you have a missing tooth, you might have thought you would have to just deal with it or get dentures. However, the dentist can take an advanced approach by replacing a missing or severely damaged tooth with a dental implant. The dental implant procedure is often completed in these steps:

  1. Consultation with the dentist to examine the structure of the bones inside your mouth, along with checking out the condition of the teeth to make sure you are a good fit for this procedure.
  2. Dental surgery to remove the dead root from beneath the surface of the gums and to insert a strong metal rod in its place. The rod becomes the man-made root that will hold the implant in place.
  3. Healing time period where you will need to allow the incision to heal while the artificial root begins to attach itself to the bone. The healing time period may last about 6-12 weeks or longer if necessary. While your incision is healing and the bonding of the rod and bone takes place, the dentist will spend time in the lab developing a crown that looks just right with your other teeth.
  4. Placement of the permanent crown takes place in the office. The final step only takes a few minutes.

Once these steps are completed, the missing tooth you once had will no longer be a problem and you will get to smile confidently with a full set of beautiful teeth.

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