If you are missing a lot of your teeth, or even all of them, then you might want to think about having a fixed implant bridge put in. This can be a great choice when all of your teeth are either gone or in bad condition. This type of bridge allows you to fix all of your teeth with an option that is permanent and that is going to offer you numerous other benefits. Here are some of the great things that you should know about a fixed implant bridge.

Keep your jawbone healthy

If you go too long with missing teeth, you run the risk of losing bone density in your jawbone. This can become a problem because it means that your jawbone will become weak. When you have a fixed dental bridge put in, the bridge will make sure that your jawbone health is maintained because to your jaw, it will seem as if you still have all your teeth and the same amount of space will still be in use.

Maintain the look of your face

Another thing that happens when you are missing teeth is the bone density loss in your jawbone will cause your face to change shape. Your cheeks can appear sunken in and you can get pronounced jowls. Also, your lips can pull in toward your mouth. When you get a fixed dental bridge, the look of your face will be positively affected, helping you to maintain your good looks.

Have proper speech

Having missing teeth can affect your speech, and in some cases, the speech can be affected a great deal, making it difficult for others to understand what you are saying when you talk. With this type of bridge, you will maintain your normal speech.

Enjoy a strong dental structure

When you choose to go with a fixed dental bridge, you will be choosing a teeth replacement option that is going to give you a very strong dental structure that will handle biting and chewing without issues.

Look and feel as if you have natural teeth

While there are several tooth-replacement options, some of them won't give you the look and feel of having your real teeth. With a fixed dental bridge, you will both look and feel as if you still have teeth, and this is something that you will find comforting and that may even help you to like your new teeth better than when you had your real ones.

For more information on dental bridges, contact a dentist.